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Can we talk about the reply all option in email?

I hate reply all. People do not have a clue how to use it. I work at a college and last week there was a fight between some students and it was ugly. Well security took care of the situation and the whole college got an email afterward letting people know everything was taken care of. Well like 45 people replied all arguing with each other about how and when we should have been notified about this security risk and what new security measures should be put in place to protect us, because apparently they are all security experts. The today at least a dozen people replied all asking to be deleted from the discussion thread...! HOW do these people work at a college, they don't even know how to use EMAIL?! They don't even realize that the message they are opening in Outlook is an email not a discussion thread in a chat room. Not to mention this email war is being distributed COLLEGE WIDE, their colleagues are reading it, their supervisor is reading it, heck, the president of the college is reading it. It's nuts.

Basically my point is idiots are everywhere, you can never escape them. Not even in higher education.


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