Blueberry Muffins

Tonight I made blueberry muffins from scratch for the first time. I have always used the box, I know, shame on me. I love those bow mix blueberry muffins though and I have always been afraid that if I made them from scratch they wouldn't be the same and then I wouldn't enjoy them as much and all that effort would be wasted. Well I was wrong, just like almost anything that comes out of a box, it's just as easy to make it from scratch and way better. Not to mention I can pronounce all of the ingredients that I used to make them.

I used the Perfect Blueberry Muffin recipe from Smitten Kitchen. And they are beautiful. This time I'm going to let you go to Smitten Kitchen to get the recipe, and while you are there look around. She has amazing recipes and takes much better pictures than I do.


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