Hurricane Season

Well fellow Floridians, it's that time again. Today starts the 2011 Hurricane Season. Right now I'm sitting with Lucy browsing the interwebs and watching the first decent rain storm we've had in a while. I love the rain. And if it wasn't for needing to get Lucy to go out and pee I would love for it to rain all day. Lucy however doesn't care for the rain, or dew in the grass, or even grass for that matter; So she is going to be pissed if not only the ground is wet when I take her out, but the sky as well.

So I took some pictures of the rain only to find out that the hubs has changed my camera settings and all of the pictures are saved in a file type my computer can not open. PERFECT.

Oh well, maybe later. Just make sure to get your batteries, bottled water and booze ready. Standing in line at the liquor store 45 min before the storm is going to hit isn't the place you want to be. Be Safe Florida, but don't forget to have a little fun!


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