Oh, hello middle school, nice of you to show up again in my mid twenties.

I really thought I was an adult. Normally I would worry about posting this on here but I know my friends don't read my blog anymore so I should be good. Hi hubby, I love you!

I just got a phone call from a friend who was upset because a mutual friend of ours sent her an email telling her they weren't friends anymore... Really now? How old are we? oh yeah... 25. I can not even begin to describe how annoying this is to me. And how sick I am of being caught in the middle of people. I love each of my friends immensely. They each bring something special to my life. And as I get older and my friends start having babies and team up with other mommies, I am relying more and more on my childless friends. Which I have four of. Two are old established friends and two are newer friends. These four people are the only people I can hang out with after 7:00pm, they are the only people who don't give me the stink eye when I say I'm tired or complain about housework. They are the only people who I don't talk baby talk around and Thank you Jesus I have these lovely ladies in my life. But tonight I had to try to mend a friends feelings, while trying not to think about if I was going to be next. When will I get the email that I'm no longer friend worthy? I think I'm a good friend, but who knows maybe I'm a bitch. Maybe I'm not worth being friends with. And that dear strangers is why at this moment I would like to move into a cave with just my husband, our dog and our netflix subscription. Because I can't handle this. It is too dramatic for me. I feel like I should be passing notes and sharing french vanilla bonne bell lip gloss with Becky in Spanish class.

I'm sorry if the friends I'm referring to read this and are offended by it but this is real life and I'm entitled to my own feelings as well, and I'm annoyed.


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