One hour

I have one hour left of work for the week. And I am happy to see the weekend. This short week felt long, as all 4 days weeks with a Monday off tend to feel. For some reason starting late is less satisfying then ending early in almost every situation, at least in my opinion. I am so ready for the weekend, let me tell you how productive I have been today.

7:18 - Woke up an hour late... shit
7:20 - Shower
7:50 - Left for work with a muffin in my purse and wet hair
8:15 - Got to work 15 min late
8:30 - Check work email, personal email and Facebook
8:45 - Play Plants Vs. Zombies
9:45 - Accidentally click on an ad and Plants. Vs. Zombies restarts... shit
9:50 - Check Facebook
10:00 - Check work email, personal email, update Google Calendar
10:15 - Open work related power point presentation and read through it
10:25 - Submit time sheet
10:30 - Discuss students and work programs with co-workers
10:55 - Blog

Not to mention I have been chatting with Bianca and Kelly all morning as well. What a productive day. And here we are with one hour left until I'm sprung for the weekend. Today Chris and I will probably watch Dinner for Schmucks while we eat lunch and then hang out, maybe take Lucy to the dog park. Then tomorrow, Pool day with Amber!

OK, back to work, 52 minutes until the weekend.


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