Poor Lucy

One of the bites from the dog park incident started to bleed again today. We got it to stop and are keeping an eye on it and hopefully she will be OK. If it bleeds again we will take her to the vet to see if she needs a stitch or two. Fingers crossed she doesn't, that is more than I can handle. I am so angry at those people and their dogs all over again today. It's been a rough day.

I am also doing two presentations with a coworker on Thursday and she is not getting her part of the project done. Tomorrow if her part isn't done I'm going to have to write skits for an internship presentation to a bunch of high school students. I don't understand why we need skits, but that is what my boss wants so that is what she will get. I am really struggling with this coworker in particular so pray for me, this week is going to be LONG and frustrating. This weekend can not come soon enough.


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