Rainy nights are the best

Today at work I knocked out all of my to do list plus helped out a friend, who went to Bonnaroo on vacation, with some work of hers. I am an A+ employee, I tell you what. Anyway, after I got home Chris and I had a very healthy dinner, hot dogs and frozen mac and cheese... what a lame wife... but now I am making French Onion Soup from scratch. It takes a while to make and I get home close to 8:00 so It's not something I can really whip up for dinner after work. I have never made French Onion Soup before but I think it's going well so far. I am using a recipe from Smitten Kitchen, so far this is the third recipe I've used from her and hopefully I'll make it work.

Right after dinner it started to storm. I love the rain. It sounds so pretty and smells so good, it makes things look shiny and new, it's amazing.

Chris and I love Conan O'Brien. We record every Conan. Last night we were watching an episode that Tim Minchin was the performance guest and he is hilarious. See video below.

I just happen to be half ginger and come from a line of Gingers about as long as Conan's legs. I have mostly red hair, even though it's getting darker as I grow old, I have see through skin and a set of freckles that is hard to match. So this song made me laugh pretty hard. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now back to Onion Soup. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.


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