What a weekend

It's been a crazy weekend... I was almost glad it was Monday yesterday, except that means I didn't get to lay in bed with my puppy and snuggle all day, and after this weekend that's about the only play I want to be.

Friday after I left work Chris and I took Lucy to the dog park. When we got there we were the only people there, which is fine, Lucy just loves to be outside. She loves laying in the sun and chasing lizards and chewing on sticks, she is a dog after all. About 15 min after we got to the park another couple showed up with two dogs. Hurray we thought, now Lucy will have some friends to play with. WRONG. The two dogs came in the gate and ran right to Lucy and beat her up. She had 4 puncture wounds from bites and multiple scratch marks on her. At first we didn't realize how bad the situation was so after we got the dogs to stop attacking her we just let her chill, she kept a low profile and didn't go near the other dogs. The people stayed with their dogs the whole time we were there, if my dogs had attacked another dog I would have apologized profusely, turned around and loaded my dumb ass animals back in my car and left. These people basically just said oh dogs will be dogs and sat on the other side of the park from us. Either way, about 45 min after they dogs attacked her we noticed she was bleeding. We inspected her a little closer and found the 4 puncture wounds, I was already upset but after I realized how hurt she was I was LIVID. I walked over to the mean dogs owners and asked them point blank, "Are your dogs vaccinated?" to which they scoffed and said yes they are, made faces at me like I was a fool and after I walked away they started joking around about how it didn't matter, it's not like there were puncture wounds anyway... that is when I turned around and yelled, "As a matter of fact there are puncture wounds, 4 of them, so get your dogs under control before bringing them out in public". Then the woman didn't believe me so she came to inspect Lucy for herself. It was ridiculous. We took her home, gave her a bath and put neosporin on her bites and so far she seems ok. We probably won't take her to the vet unless something starts to look worse or she starts to act funny.

Saturday I spent all day with Amber in her pool, eating watermelon and hanging out. It was lovely. It made me realize how important it will be for Chris and I to find a house with a pool. I am almost sure the amount of night swimming I do will be directly correlated to my happiness. And the reason it has to be night swimming is because I am white, the whitest white. It doesn't matter how much sunscreen I wear or how long I'm outside, I get sunburned. So once I have my own pool and I can make my own swimming hours, I will swim at night.

Amber let me borrow season one of Cougar Town. I had never seen it before and last night I finished it. Now I am counting down the days until season two is out on dvd. I already saved it to my Netflix queue. While I was watching the bonus material someone said it was like Friends 20 years later, and I agree. It has enough people with enough stories to keep it interesting but they all have enough in common that it's not too much of a stretch. Plus it's pretty much Amber and I's dream to live on the same street and hang out drinking wine together.

Sunday our church said farewell to the Pastor that's been with us for seven years. Him and his wife are going to Malaysia to work at a school. They will be greatly missed but God has a plan for all of us and they are following that plan. Now If I could figure out what the plan for me is.... that would be great. I'll work on that.


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