Mosquitoes and home made party tents

Tonight we are going to a birthday party for my mother-in-law, she turned 60 on Thursday.

They are having a BBQ and drum circle bash for her at their house.

I can't play a drum to save my life.

I am allergic to insect bites, like one to two bites swell to an uncomfortable level, three to five bites and I need a pain killer in addition to my benadryll, and more than five bites... I might need to see a professional about. So I am looking forward to being outside in the 80+ degree heat, 30% chance of rain, 67% humidity night that the Weather Channel is predicting. I still don't know why I still live in Florida other than I've almost always lived here and my family is here. And I would like to know why people come here on purpose? It's hot and nasty.

I want to move somewhere cool and rainy. Like the Pacific northwest. Note to self: look for jobs in PNW.

Back to the party... we won't really know anyone except Chris's parents because we've only met their friends like once or twice each and his sister is a no good, family hating, piece of work. And she moved to Canada, which I am grateful for. We got a long so well... bahahahaha!

They have also made a home made party tent. I am worried about it. Chris said he's not so sure it's going to be safe. So please cross your fingers that I make it out alive and if not at least prepare something nice to say at my funeral, and make sure it's funny.


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