Neti pot

I have a lot of allergies that affect my ability to breathe. I'm allergic to dust, pollen, most perfumes, cat, dogs, mold and who knows what else. Because of these allergies I am prone to sinus infections.

About a year ago I bought a Neti pot. Yesterday, I used that neti pot for the first time. It was the most bizarre experience of my little noses life. I even have some photographic evidence.

The steps for using a neti pot are simple and completely counter-intuitive.

1. Mix warm water with salt in a pot that looks like the genie lamp from Aladdin.
2. Put the end of the lamp pot in one nostril.
3. Lean over sink and tilt the lamp pot until water goes in one nostril and flows through your sinuses and out the other nostril.


Oh yeah and also be prepared for the saline solution to come out of your eyes, drip slightly down the back of your throat, make you laugh so hard that it sprays out of your nose like a sprinkler and causes you to choke and almost drown because oh yeah.... pouring a cup of water in your head is ridiculous, even if it is effective at cleaning out your sinuses.

It also doesn't help to have your husband standing behind you with a camera laughing hysterically and photographing the event like your a live show at Disney world.

Good sinus health to you all!


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