Summer reading continued

I have finally gone through the long list of books I was waiting for from the library!

I read The Pioneer Woman's book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It was amazing. I smiled, laughed, cried and then I wished I was married to a cowboy and I lived on a ranch.

I also read The Help. Actually, I listened to the audio book with Christopher. We would listen to the book for hours each night and we loved it. It was cool listening to a book with Christopher, we had never done that before and it gave us time to snuggle and be together doing something other than watching TV or playing games on our phones next to each other. It was a very welcome change of pace for us. We still haven't seen the movie even though it's been out for a couple of weeks but we plan to as soon as we can get to a showing at a reasonable time. We are getting old after all.

Then I read the Hunger Games series. Oh my goodness, if you haven't read these books, RUN, do not walk, RUN to your closest library, a bookstore or click on over to Amazon and get them. I was so swept away with the story of family loyalty, competition and love. I am anxiously awaiting the movie. I know it won't be as good as the books but I'm still excited.

Right now I am reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. So far I am really enjoying Holmes' adventures and I might need to Netflix the first Sherlock movie.

I borrowed my friend Miranda's Kindle to read the Hunger Games books and Sherlock Holmes, I am really enjoying using it. But then Amber got a nook and now I'm torn. I think when I'm ready to buy an E-Reader I'll have Christopher do some more research.

Last week I bought two new books, the first one, The Church and New Media, which was written by one of my friends Husbands. It is really exciting to buy a book written by someone you know! The second book I bought is by the authors of my favorite blog, 2birds1blog, called The Misanthropes Guide to Life. I haven't stared either but I am super excited for both.

I wish there was a book-it for adults. I sucked at book-it in school because I didn't really care much for reading, but now, I could kick some book-it butt. Not to mention I like pizza, especially when it's free.


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