Well hello again!

One day I am going to commit already and actually blog on a regular basis. Until then sorry for my absence.

You can now be assured that I did not die while attending the party I wrote about it my last post. It actually went pretty well. I didn't die, only got 3 mosquito bites, it didn't rain and the tent stayed up. It was about as good as it gets. My mother in law got wasted and told me how much better I am than her own daughter... that part was awkward, even though I agree.

About three weeks ago my sister in law sent Chris a text message to say hello. It was the first time she had made contact with him since she moved to Canada. She annoys me. When I started hanging out with the family she was so stuck on family traditions that she would start arguments with me about what we could and couldn't do on specific holidays. Then she cuts the family off and moves to another country. What a pain in my ass.

Moving on.

I have become obsessed with The Big Bang Theory. It is the funniest show I have seen in a LONG time. I love Sheldon, and sometimes I feel like we share a few qualities. Seasons 1-3 were on sale at Target last week and I bought all three! I can't wait for season 4 to come out on DVD so I can binge that season just before season 5 starts!

I've been thinking of creating a website so I can have my blog about life, my blog about cooking a new section about crafting. But I barely keep up with this as it is. So we'll see.

I have also discovered Pintrest. I am in love and I wish I had more time to spend pinning things I love to my boards. If you'd like to follow me, feel free.. Nataliehof.

Chris and I have also decided to try and buy a house at the end of our lease. It is terrifying and exciting. I have so many ideas for a house. How I'll decorate, what kinds of rooms I want to have, the kinds of parties I will throw, the family dinners and holidays we will celebrate, bringing home all of our babies to a warm and happy home. It would be an amazing thing for us as a couple and a family. I want to have kids sometime soonish and I need a place to put them. I also want Lucy to have a yard to run and play in and a garage to park my car in so I don't get soaked when it's raining and I have $150 of groceries to bring inside. So keep us in your prayers, we're going to need them.

And even more than all of that I want a house so I can fill it with Curly Girl prints like this one:

Until next time...


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