Shopping list writers block

I am in need of a little pick me up today and I really want to go shopping. But, other than the fact that I shouldn't spend any money ever again for the rest of my life, I have one problem.... I can't think of anything I need that I can go to a store and buy. I can't even think of anything (within reason) that I want to go out and buy. So I thought about reading, but the library is closed on Fridays and I need to leave my apartment. I've had lunch, I can't think of anything to go buy, I'm not in the mood for a movie, I already went to work on my day off... what else do you leave your house to do? Maybe I should donate some more stuff to Goodwill, that would be a good project. But I'd have to stay at home and sort through it all. My first world problems are so stupid I could puke. I should just go be happy I lived to see 25, I have a place to live and that I got to eat lunch today. What I really want is a house. And a baby to put in that house. And a yard for Lucy. I can't buy any of those things at Target. And it's killing me.


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