23. I am thankful for friends that lend me their children. Today Christopher and I babysat little Ella. It was so much fun watching her play, talk, try to walk, and eat pizza. She is such a happy girl. Sometimes I just need a baby fix, and today I was lucky to get a really good one, we played with Ella from 9am - 3pm. We are such great babysitters that she only napped for about 15 min, she was just having too much fun with us, or at least that's what I keep telling myself so I don't feel bad for having tons of fun with her and then leaving a sleep deprived baby for Miranda to deal with after a frustrating day of work. Hopefully I'll be allowed to play with Ella again sometime. It was also really sweet to watch Christopher play with her. He has very little experience with babies, so it's nice to see that he isn't so afraid of breaking kids that he can't play and have fun. I know one day we will be great parents, and hopefully that day will be sooner than later, but for now I'm just glad that we can help our friends out by being fun babysitters.


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