Black Friday

25. I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over.

I don't need a holiday to be thankful, no one should need a holiday to take time and be grateful for all the good in their life. That being said, I don't love Thanksgiving. It used to be my favorite holiday, because there are no gifts involved, just a good time with the family and delicious food. As I've gotten older, Thanksgiving has turned into a hot mess. The shift in my attitude started with trying to go to my own Thanksgiving and Chris's family Thanksgiving (before we were married) because they both happened at the same time, then we got married, and my sister in-law just couldn't have Thanksgiving with my family, so we started doing early Thanksgiving with his family and Thanksgiving day with mine. I started making green beans and pies for my family's Thanksgiving and then someone's feelings got hurt because I got assigned that job, now I don't get to make pie anymore just beans, then this year my dog attacked my cousins dog. Lord help me, Thanksgiving might just do me in one year.

Today was black Friday, so of course Christopher and I went shopping. This year we didn't do as well as usual. I got a new pair of shoes and some bras, Christopher got some new pants, we got a bunch of TV on DVD and Lucy got a Christmas sweater and some treats. We did pick up a few Christmas gifts for other people, but nothing super exciting.

Tonight was UCF's last home football game and since Amber is out of town for Thanksgiving, I took Christopher to his very first college football game! It was pretty exciting for me, not so much for him. He isn't really that into sports. He wasn't super excited on the way there, but he got a lemonade and was happier until I tried to take out picture, then he got grumpy again. After he got his panties out of a twist, I explained football, taught him all the little chants and cheers and then he started to have more fun. I doubt he will be volunteering to go to any games any time soon, but I'm glad that he got to go, and I'm especially glad we won! Go Knights!


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