Christmas Trees

26. I am thankful for Christmas trees.

I am so glad we cut down a delicious smelling tree and stick it in a corner of our house for the month of December, cover it in lights and baubles, and jam hundreds of presents underneath it in celebration of baby Jesus coming into the world.

Christmas decorations are my absolute favorite. I love the lights, bows, trees, wreathes, and garlands. I love the smell of my Christmas tree in my living room and the red poinsettias that welcome me home on my porch. I love Christmas music, cookies, and eggnog. I love it all. Christmas time is, hands down, the best time of the year!

Every year, for the last four years, the weekend or two after Thanksgiving my in-law's have taken us to home depot to get a Christmas tree. After we get our trees we get donuts and hot chocolate, it's a lovely tradition. Tonight was Christmas tree night, and we got kicked out of dunkin' donuts because they closed like 5 minutes after we got there, so we ate our donuts in the car. Now our tree is up in it's stand and tomorrow night we will put lights and ornaments on, and maybe even string up some lights outside on the porch.

Welcome Christmas!


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