Do you pin?

I love Pinterest. If you haven't started using it, please go start pinning. You can follow me here.

I have already pinned ideas for my next 5 houses, including guest rooms, kids rooms for my imaginary children, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, storage, paint colors, floors, furniture, decor, it's awesome and insane.

I have also pinned ideas for homeschooling, holiday decorating and gifts, stuff I want to buy for no reason, party ideas, books I love, pictures I want to take or be in, clothes I want to wear but probably won't, and places I want to visit, it's crazy.

I love it.

This takes my passion for planning to a whole new level of crazy.

The first memory I have of making a house book, I was probably like 9. My mom let me look through her old Southern Living Magazines and rip out pages I liked. I put them all in page protectors and then put them in a binder.

Seventeen years later, I have my own magazine subscriptions and I get my own catalogs. I have two house books, house plans and design ideas, and home keeping and seasonal decorations. I love decorating. If I thought I would be good at decorating for other people I would most definitely make a career out of this, but I don't like deciding things for other people.

I even put little post it notes on the pages with notes for my future self, just in case I can't remember which part I liked.


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