Drunk friends

22. I am thankful for my drunk friend Dan. Tonight I went to dinner and a movie with Amber, so while I was out Chris invited our friend Dan over to hang out. When I got home the boys were outside on the porch smoking pipes and being guys. I had 7lbs of green beans to snap and rinse to get ready to cook tomorrow so I got to work. After about 25 min of messing with the beans, Dan came inside to pee and then he came and sat at the table with me chit chatting about his baby and then he launched into a 15 min baby pitch. For 15 minutes he told me how much I needed to have a baby, how it would change my life, and nothing else in the world will matter once that baby is here. He was also quite drunk. It was sweet and hilarious. I know that it must be hard for him not having other guys to hang out with that have babies, just like it's hard for me when I don't have any married friends without babies. So I genuinely feel for him, even if it's a completely opposite feeling. Dan has always been a great friend and a sweet boy and now a sweet man. I haven't spent a lot of time with him and his daughter together, but I know he is and will be a great dad. You can see the deep love he has for her even through his drunken stupor. One thing I really hope for is that he will get his drinking under control soon. We're in our late (why do I always remind myself of this) 20's and at this point in life getting drunk on a Tuesday night is unacceptable. I love Dan, he will always have a special place in my heart and I am excited to see him grow as a daddy to a little girl.


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