Festivus (Early Thanksgiving) part one

Every year since Christopher and I got married (so all two of them) we have hosted an early Thanksgiving for his parents and ourselves. This year I had the camera ready to take pictures and then after about 12 of them, I got caught up in the cooking and oven schedule and forgot. Oops. So I'll share what I have. The table, set and with most of the food on it. I think the only thing that is missing is the corn casserole. The foil covered bowl is mashed potatoes.
The supplies: I decided to spice things up a bit this time. I used earth balance because my father-in-law is mildly lactose intolerant so I tried to use butter only when I knew it would really be noticeable to substitute, then a little cinnamon, cloves, and brown sugar all added to Yams.
Then you bake this until it's hot all the way through, and add marshmallows to the top and brown and eat! I forgot to take the after picture. whoops! If you look really closely at t he picture of the table, they are there. It's like playing I-Spy.


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