18. I am thankful for flexible in-laws. When Christopher and I were engaged, I got into a fight with his sister over Thanksgiving in public. I yelled at her and made a scene, which is something I pretty much never do in public. It was one of the embarrassing things I have ever done. And do you want to know what I did to offend her so much, I invited her to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I invited Christopher's parents, uncle, sister and his sister's girlfriend. HOW RUDE! Anyway, she was uptight and inflexible because family traditions were so important to her, and obviously if her whole family ate Thanksgiving dinner somewhere different than her parents house it just wouldn't be the same. So that year we started celebrating our own little festivus. We had Thanksgiving a week early at her house and even after she cut her parents out of her life and moved to Massachusetts, the rest of us have continued the tradition. I guess family traditions weren't all that important to her after all. She's just a bitch Moving along... Last night Christopher and I had his parents over for Festivus/early Thanksgiving. It was lovely. I made pretty standard Thanksgiving food, turkey, stuffing, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, roasted carrots, and my mother in-law brought an amazing dessert, Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle. It's a Paula Deen recipe, so I mean could it really have been anything but tasty. After we ate we sat around listening to records and chatting. It was a nice little early Thanksgiving. Life after Trina removed herself from the family has been much quieter, much less dramatic and needs a lot fewer tissues.


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