Hurricane season is over

30. I am thankful that hurricane season is over.

Thankfully, this year we didn't have any major storms! Hurricanes are always something in the back of my mind during late summer and early fall, should we buy extra water, do we have enough batteries, does it matter because aren't we just going to go hang out at my parents hurricane ready party house anyway... Florida's natural disasters are kind of a blessing though, because we know that they are coming in plenty of time. We can get supplies, board up windows, or hit the road, whatever we need to do. I am grateful that we don't really suffer from things like blizzards, or mudslides, or earthquakes (of a scary magnitude at least). I mean I wouldn't mind a little snow, just not 5 feet of it in one day or anything.

Tomorrow is December! Can you believe it? Only 25 days left until Christmas, 32 days until 2012, and 46 days until my birthday! Woo hoo! While I'm not exactly looking forward to spending the second Christmas in a row apart from my husband, I am looking forward to seeing my far away friends, that's you Bianca, Kelly, and Stacy! I am looking forward to December, mostly.

Happy end of hurricane season!


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