Kindle ftw

21. I am thankful for the instant delivery of new books to my kindle. Last week I got a kindle touch. It is awesome. So far I've just been reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, because it's free and I was in the middle of it when I got my kindle, but also because I know that Explosive Eighteen was coming out soon and I knew I wouldn't want to wait to read it once it was available. It's a little after 1am on Tuesday right now and about an hour ago my book was magically on my Kindle. It was awesome. So far I love my Kindle and it was totally worth buying. I had been putting it off for a while because I get so many books from the library, but now my library has e-books, and with my Amazon Prime membership I can "check out" up to one book a month from the Kindle owners lending library, so I decided it was worth checking out. I know so far I've been thankful for kind of silly stuff, technology, and other novelties of the first world, but on Thanksgiving I will get a little more serious. I am thankful that all of my basic needs and simple wants are met, even behind all my snark and bitching, I promise.


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