29. I am thankful for soup.

I love soup. It is one of my favorite foods. It makes you feel all warm and cozy! However living in Florida, where the average daily temperature is 98.hell fire degrees, I don't get to enjoy soup as often as I'd like to. There is just something unappealing about slurping up your favorite soup while sweating and beating off mosquitoes. Today it was lovely out, so I had lunch at Panera with my friend Kera from work, and I got TWO, that's right not one but two, soups. It was delicious. I also got a pecan braid to take back to work and then forgot about it until I was on my way home, so that was a very nice surprise to find in my purse while digging for my keys. I had never had one before and it was amazing, I will definitely be getting one of those again soon.


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