Time to get thankful

I am going to try very hard to post one thing I am thankful for every day in November. I know, so sappy, but I'm getting old and sentimental and honestly I just need to pretend for 30 days that I don't hate my life 85% of the time. 1. I am thankful for Christopher, my wonderful husband. He is just as terrible a person as I am and he owns it with me. I couldn't ask for anything more in a husband than someone who will sit with me on facebook and make fun of people from high school with me, oooh and awww over our friends babies with me and sit patiently and look at all 250 pictures I took of 32 high school marching bands this weekend in Atlanta. He is the love of my life and I don't know what I would do without him. Now that I have my thankfulness out of the way, we can get back to my normal half assed blogging. Over the weekend, I went to Atlanta with my parents to see my youngest brothers marching band compete at the Bands of America super regional. It was awesome. I love marching bands, so sitting in the Georgia dome for most of the day Saturday watching 32 marching bands play was pretty much a great day. My brothers band played third (at 8:15am) so we woke up super early and rode the MARTA to the Dome to watch the first few bands including his, then we had breakfast at a little cafe kind of place on the edge of Centennial Park. After breakfast we walked through the park and I took some pictures of fall leaves and the breast cancer event that was going on. THEN we went to The World of Cocoa Cola. It.was.Awesome. I love coke. Another wonderful part of the weekend was the weather. The highs were in the 60's with lows in the 30's, it was heaven. I love cool weather and on Sunday when we woke up to a heart warming, body cooling 35 degrees, I didn't want to leave. Please enjoy pictures from my weekend away with my parents. First, just a few pictures to show you how much I love marching bands!
My baby brother (he's 16) is one of those snare drummers.
What a nice looking shape! The band looks so small in this picture, but there are over 200 high school kids running around on that field sporting Lion black and orange. Fall Leave!
These coke bottles were so cool and they had so many!
My precious!
Oh, how I loved SURGE. I wish it was still available. I love Atlanta. Chris and I stayed in Atlanta for a night on our way to Nashville last year and we had a blast just in the few hours we spent there and after having so much fun with my parents I have decided that if my life isn't going to take me to the Pacific Northwest, Atlanta would be a suitable alternative.


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