9 ladies dancing

I'm just going to come out and say it, 9 ladies dancing is one of the verses of the 12 days of Christmas song that I can NEVER for the life of me remember. I had to google it.

Today we are just 9 days away from Christmas. I still have a handful of people to shop for and dozens of cookies to bake, but I'm in no rush, I have 9 whole days.

Tomorrow instead of finishing my Christmas shopping, wrapping, and beginning my baking, I am taking Christopher to work and then going to an Orlando Magic public practice with Amber. I might try to squeeze in some shopping after that but I might need a nap, so we'll see.

Today, I went to drop off the toys I bought for the toy drive at work and was informed of an impromptu party we are going to have on Monday! I love little work parties with lots of delicious treats. Especially because Monday and Tuesday are going to be a little crazy. Grades are due Monday and then the students will find out how they did Tuesday and then they will be in our offices crying and begging to give them overrides and special treatment. I'm going to need cookies to keep me from snapping people's faces off.

Well don't forget, only 9 days left, finish up that shopping and try not to snap off any faces, it is Christmas after all.


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