T minus 10 days

Christmas is very quickly creeping up on us folks! And have Christopher and I had a little bit of holiday excitement to tell you about or what?!

Monday morning I was all snuggled in bed with Lucy, getting my beauty sleep, when Christopher called to tell me he was in a car accident on the way to work. Definitely not the call you want to get at 9am on a Monday, or ever for that matter. So I woke up, got dressed quickly and waited for Christopher to call me back with more details, it was the longest 20 minutes since last October, when he was in a different car accident. This time it was Christopher's fault (he turned left across some back up traffic, except that last lane wasn't so backed up) and his car is a little older and we don't carry full insurance on it, so of course here we are two weeks before Christmas with a car that needs to be either fixed or replaced. I really hope it can be fixed and I super hope it can be fixed under $1500. If we have to spend more than that to fix it, we might end up just spending the money on a down payment for a new one, but I would prefer not to have a second car payment. We'll see.

We want to keep moving forward with our plans to try and buy a house in the spring or early summer.

In happier news, I have embraced Amazon this Christmas season. I have ordered half of my list from Amazon and with my super spiffy Prime membership it all shows up in 2 days. Pretty awesome.

I am also buying three gifts for the toy drive at work and to be honest I think I'm more excited to buy the gifts than the kids will be to get them. No joke, I almost squealed with excitement. Watch out fellow Target shoppers, I'm comin' for the toy department. I am buying an Art kit, a leggo set, and a nurf gun. Plus I get to wrap the gifts, so that means fun bright kid wrapping paper and ribbons! Christmas is about to get awesome!

Now I just need to get something for my husband. Feel free to share any ideas you might have.

Happy counting down... 10 days!


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