Today we took Lucy to get her shots. It is the most heartbreaking thing we ever do to her, other than give her a bath. Honestly, in either situation you would think we were ripping her limbs off and then setting her head on fire the way she goes crazy. And this is a new development. The first two times I took her to the vet myself and she was fine, last time Christopher took her and it was a hot mess, this time we both went and it was better than with just Christopher but still pretty bad. Common denominator... Christopher. I just don't like taking her by myself, I don't want to be the mean human who takes he to get shots.

Also today while searching around on the facebook, I found out one of my roommates from college is expecting her first child. Immediately I wanted to delete my facebook account. I swear next time someone gets pregnant that isn't me, that got married YEARS after me, I am going to fling myself off a building.

I hate being this bitter, and I know I could have a baby if I wanted to, but it I refuse to bring home my precious child home to a one bedroom apartment in the ghetto. So now I just need to get serious about finding a new job, because the one I have isn't cutting it, and to make shit worse, I got assigned busy work Wednesday 20 min before the end of the day, because I hadn't been busy enough. Then Thursday I didn't even have a chance to take a bathroom break until 15 min before I went home and I had help that day. So fuck it. I just want a job where someone will realize I am a professional, I hold a college degree, I do my work well and in a timely fashion, I'm not some ass hole who needs to be kept busy.

Pray for me, I need it.


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