Buying a house Day 1

Today is the first day of our home buying experience.

I guess if you want to get technical I emailed our Realtor last night, but I didn't talk to him on the phone until today. That phone call made it official.

Then later I talked to a Mortgage guy. That made it even more official.

Now Chris is filling out the Mortgage application to get pre-qualified. Shit's getting real.

We are officially trying to buy a house.

Don't be fooled though, we are probably filling out the application wrong because apparently 26 is the age at which you stop being able to use technology. Not to mention we don't understand what some of the questions even mean.

Now, not to be old fashioned but, what happened to schlepping a tote bag full of bank statements and W-2's, a pencil and a dream into a mortgage brokers office.

I feel like they will get this hot mess of an application and laugh until they cry. I just hope in all that laughing they spill their $6 starbucks soy latte with no foam on their brooks brothers khaki pants.

If they don't laugh and they actually approve us, then I hope they enjoy their coffee beverages and have a lovely day.

What a stressful process. Keep your fingers crossed for us and I'll let you know if there is even a day two.


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