Shit's gettin' real.

Christmas was festive. We'll deal with that in a separate post later on.

A few days before Christmas Chris was in a car accident. He turned in front of someone he didn't see and they smashed into him. He was fine the guy apparently broke his wrist, we found this out because about 3 weeks after the accident my dad got a letter saying the guy was suing us. My dad got that letter because He and I are the owners of the car Chris was driving and his name comes first on the title. It was ridiculous. Thank God for car insurance.

Unfortunately, because that car was older we only have the coverage that pays to fix the other persons car. So Chris's car is still sitting in our parking lot unsafe to drive because we don't want to pay to fix it, and we definitely don't want to buy a new one. We are trying not to spend money on anything except a house.

That's right, we are going to actually try and buy a house. I just sent a real live human realtor an email. It said Hi, my name is Natalie and I want to buy a house, like last year, please help me before I explode with anxiety over this issue. Hugs and kisses!

OK, so it was definitely more professional than that, and this real live human realtor has known my dad since they were kids, so hopefully that will help me to calm down. Now we just have to get approved for a mortgage, put in an offer on a house, have the offer be accepted, sign a million paper, hand over our life's savings, and move all of our crap across town. No need to feel overwhelmed or anything. By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm having trouble thinking about anything else pretty much 24 hours a day.

My life work has become looking at houses online, looking at Pinterest to figure out how I want to decorate these houses I haven't even seen in real life and, pricing supplies on Lowes website. I. AM. CRAZY.

I also met with an Advisor at UCF about going to grad school. I pretty much need to KILL the GRE to get in; because I spent the first two years of college making out with boys instead of going to class, so my GPA isn't where it needs to be. If I do get in though, I will be able to teach classes at both the Community College and University level. I think I would really love teaching college, and if get in to this program I can apply to be a graduate teaching assistant right away, which means I can teach while I'm going to school just to make sure. I think it will probably be a little while before I apply because I want to take my time preparing for the GRE and I would like to pay cash for as much of my grad school as possible, which means saving up another huge pile of money.

While I am excited for this next step in life, I am also on the verge of puking from nerves pretty much constantly.

I have also experienced my first pretty serious, "Oh shit, I'm getting old" moment today. I made some new play lists in itunes and had quite a few new podcasts so I plugged my ipod in to sync. Well after syncing it like 7 times I still couldn't get my new podcasts to show up on my ipod. Apparently you have to set podcasts it to auto sync, they don't just do it on their own. And honestly, I still haven't figured it out. Tomorrow after I drop Chris off at work I am going to work on it some more, maybe watch a few youtube videos, read the itunes users manual, yano, old lady stuff.

I am 26 years old and I am already out of touch with technology.

Getting old is ROUGH.

Lord help me.


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