Keep those fingers crossed

Today, well technically yesterday, we went to see House number 5 from Friday and two new houses. House five was great, the first new house was good and the second new house was creepy and we didn't even look at anything other than the living room and the kitchen, where the cabinets were practically falling off the walls.

Then we stood in the street for a few minutes talking about all of the houses and decided to make an offer on house number five. So we gave the Realtor a few minutes to get to his office and start pulling together a contract, and we stopped at Home Depot to look at paint samples and go to the bathroom.

We met the Realtor at his office to initial and sign 30 pages of yes we really want this house, please sell it to us paperwork.

After 12 hours of waiting, the sellers accepted our offer and we just initialed the couple of changes they made to the contract and tomorrow we drop off these initials and pay our Escrow deposit. Crazy.

Now this house is a short sale, so we just have to wait for the bank to accept the offer and then we will be homeowners. CRAZY!

Hopefully we will call this place home in 2-5 months.


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