Day 30 or 40 something of buying a house

It has been one month and one day since we made our offer and paid our escrow deposit. We still haven't hear a peep from the sellers, the seller's bank, or our realtor. I almost feel like that little green house doesn't exist anymore. It is a strange feeling. I want to get excited about moving into a house of our very own but I can't, I want to keep looking at other houses but I feel like that's not a good idea.

We still have 60 days left in our contract on this house. We have decided that if nothing has happened at that point we will probably bail and start over. If we do that, we will not look at any other short sales. We didn't pick this house because it was a short sale, we just liked it and it happened to be a short sale, and we don't care for this waiting game. We think we will give it 45 more days and if two weeks before the contract is up we haven't heard anything will ask our realtor to send us some new listings and see if there is anything worth jumping ship for.

This has been a long process, I do not look forward to doing this again.


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