Our appraisal is finally ordered, and a rush order at that. We should hear back Monday or Tuesday and we are scheduled to close on May 11th. Which means, we only have 21 days left until we are homeowners. We have also decided to move as soon as possible which means we will move the next day May 12th. We plan to pile everything into the living room and just work around it to get things cleaned and painted. We don't really have that much stuff, even though putting it all in boxes makes it feel like we could fill an entire walmart super center, so I think we will be good to just put the boxes wherever for a while. We don't plan on doing a whole lot right away anyway. We will paint out bedroom and bathroom, put up a fence, and then just see how the house grows on us before we go ripping anything out.

Being three weeks away is crazy. I feel so many things about this whole experience, excited, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, excited, stressed, excited again, worried, excited, annoyed, excited, frustrated, anxious, excited, and tired. It is absolutely draining to feel all of these emotions every day. I have never felt so bipolar in my whole life, I'll be squealing while I pack a box and then twenty minutes later I'm overwhelmed by how much is still left to pack, worried that the house will fall down 5 days after we move in, and then I'm in tears. It's a mess.

I really do love change, but the anticipation of change is not really my thing. It drives me crazy. I will be happy to be sitting on the floor eating cheap pizza in my new house in three weeks. I won't care that we have 400 boxes to unpack or that I don't know where my phone charger is packed or that I'll be wearing wrinkled clothes out of a trash bag for the rest of the month. I'll just be happy to be in a new place. I love new, even when it's just new to me, as long as it's not a creepy food.

I can't wait to order "we moved!" cards and take pictures in the front yard with Chris and Lucy. I can't wait to hang a wreath on my front door. I can't wait to have all of my friends over for a BBQ. I can't wait to do a cartwheel in my awkwardly long living room.

Now I just need to pick out what pattern house key I want to get.


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