Always prepared

Tonight Christopher and I did a little packing. I packed two boxes of extra baking supplies that prove in an emergency I can make 30 dozen cookies but I probably won't have any D batteries for our one flashlight that may or may not even work.

Baking box #1 had Flour and sugar. That's it. 20lbs of flour and sugar. What is wrong with me? Why do I have an EXTRA 20 lbs of flour and sugar hanging around? Because if I am being honest I could probably still make a cake and a batch of cookies with the flour and sugar that I already had open and don't plan to pack until the week we move. I love being prepare for a bake off, because you never know when you might need to bake for an entire elementary school worth of children.

Baking box #2 had brown sugar powdered sugar and chocolate chips. Eight bags of chocolate chips. I hope that elementary school worth of children like chocolate chip cookies because that's what I'm making come the Apocalypse.

Other than that I packed a couple boxes of purses and a box of scarves. Yes, Scarves. We live in Florida... why do we have an entire box of scarves? Thank God we are about to have a house and Lord help us next time we move.

Another fun part of preparing to move... running out of stuff and not wanting to replace it just to move a half empty whatever it is. For example, I am almost out of toothpaste, I could go to the store a buy a whole new regular sized one, but why? I have two mostly full travel size toothpastes so I'm just going to try and make that work for the next four weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.


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