Finally we have some good news about the house!

On Friday the seller's bank approved the short sale! Which means we can finally move forward with this house buying business. This Friday we have our home inspection and while we are at the house for that we are going to take some measurements and a few more pictures. It is pretty exciting!

We have already started a giant list of projects and things we want to buy for the house, I have a feeling we will always have a project list once we are homeowners, but that's alright with me, I love a good project. We have decided on a few paint colors and I think we are going to paint the kitchen cabinets white and change the hardware, right now they are green with the door handles in the middle of the doors... yikes. For our bedroom we are leaning toward gray maybe with a pattern stenciled on one wall, I'm going to paint my office light pink and I plan to use navy blue accents, Chris is going to paint his office orange and white stripes and we will probably paint the kitchen walls light gray or light blue. The living room and dining room are just going to stay the way they are for now until we decide on what to do with them, plus our first few projects will probably keep us busy enough for a little while. There are still plenty of things that could go wrong with this house, but hopefully in 42 days Christopher and I will be homeowners, not a shabby way to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary the next day.

Once we have the inspection and have a closing date set I will post more pictures but for now, here is our hopefully new home.


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