Beef Stroganoff

My mom makes some of the most delicious food I've ever eaten. The only problem with all of that delicious talent she has is that it isn't documented. The kitchen witch just waves a spoon and dinner is ready. I don't understand how it happens, and lord knows I've tried to replicate that spoon waving.

One of my very favorite dishes in the whole world is beef stroganoff. I mean what could be better, slices of steak, mushrooms, creamy sauce, and noodles... it is the best. Beef stroganoff is one of the things my mom makes with no recipe. When I called her to ask her how to make it she kept saying things about spoonfuls and stirring until it turns a certain color and about this much of this and that and who the heck knows what else. I think I was more confused about how to make it after I asked. Anyway, it took me three tries before I got it how I like it. The first try I messed up the rue and then it just went to hell after that, we ended up going out to eat that night. The second time it was a little bit runny but the flavor was just right. The third time it was great, perfect texture, perfect flavor, perfect meal. It was so good I haven't dared to make it again. I've just decided to monitor my parents pantry when I'm over there and when my mom has all the supplies to make it, I'm just going to invite myself to dinner.


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