Box cuts, moms, and physicists

Packing is the worst. I have 4 box cuts and they are all on my hands, which means they are going to take forever to heal. Uhg! But the good news is, I packed three more boxes. Woo Hoo!

After work I went to my parents house to celebrate my moms birthday! We had cheesecake and hung out and we get to do it again on Sunday! In my family we celebrate birthdays like bosses! We each get at least three birthday dinners, be jealous. My brothers and I are going to make my mom a strawberry cake for the Sunday birthday party, and our extended family will be in town, which means lots of games, it will be fun! - Let's over-celebrate your birthday

I have been watching The Big Bang Theory while I pack recently and just in case I haven't made it clear enough, I LOVE THAT SHOW! Today I saw the episode where Sheldon tries to teach Penny physics and the one where Sheldon and Raj go to a party at the University and meet two girls and Sheldon blows off the girl that is interested in him while wearing Hulk hands. Just kills me. By the way, if you don't watch this show yet you need to, like now!


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