Date night at home

Christopher and I have been trying to have more date nights in. Not only does it save money, but we are both super annoyed by crowds. Decent restaurants are always so busy on the weekends and with his current work schedule we can't go out during the week. We have a great butcher in town (Cavallari Gourmet) that sells prepared sides and gourmet grocery items as well as meat. For date nights in we usually go to Cavallari's to get a filet to share, their seasoned asparagus and sometimes we get their loaded mashed potatoes. Last time we had date night in we got a filet, asparagus, and then I made mushrooms.

It was delicious and so much less expensive than going out for steak, not to mention we got to just be together without any screaming kids out passed their bedtimes, or having to wait for a refill, or sitting at a crappy table next to the kitchen door. I really love spending time with Christopher and that is more important than what we are eating or where we eat it.

Our total cost of dinner was:
Filet $7.50
Asparagus $3.99
Mushrooms $2.99
I already had butter, olive oil, and dried spices on hand.

Total: $14.48


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