The kitchen cabinets in the house we are buying are pretty bad. They are old, green, and have the pulls in the middle of the doors. The door placement doesn't even make sense, the doors all open the same way. To make it even worse, it is the first room you see when you come in the house after the foyer.

If you think they look OK in this picture, it's because you can't see inside. I couldn't even bring myself to photograph the inside.

So I've been pricing kitchens. I think we might replace our kitchen with an Ikea kitchen. I've read a lot of really good things about their cabinets, and since we aren't going to put in solid wood cabinets into our starter home I think Ikea is as good as anything. They have tons of different types and sizes of cabinets and plenty of door front options. I think we will get our counter tops somewhere else, but I'm pretty excited. It's too bad it will be like 5 years until we will actually be able to replace our whole kitchen.

A big huge plus is that our kitchen does have pretty new appliances. Now our dishes might actually get clean in the dishwasher and I'll have a glass top stove so I don't have to worry about dropping crap under the ancient coil burners and then setting things ablaze. We will also have a fridge with an ICE MAKER and a PANTRY!

So, even though the cabinets suck I think I am going to be very happy in that kitchen. I can't wait to have dinner parties and bake Christmas cookies there. Only three more weeks (we hope).

Say a little prayer that things continue to go smoothly, because even though I know I shouldn't be this excited, that green house is already our home and we'll be devastated if we have to start over.


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