Magical Coke Machine

I have a thing for Coke. I'm a southern girl, in my house will we always drink Coke not Pepsi. A while ago I heard some rumors and read some things about a crazy cool Coke soda fountain where you could use the touch screen to design a drink from over one hundred different choices. It was so cool, and figured they would only be in bigger trendier cities, but then I went to Firehouse subs for a quick sub on my way to work one day and there it was, the holy grail of Coke machines. I almost squealed in public. I held up the line just to take a picture. I think everyone there thought I was a little nuts, but I didn't even care, I was too excited.

I am pretty boring, I just get either regular coke or cherry coke, so the options are pretty much wasted on me. What would you get?


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