Makin' stuff for my baby makin' friends

Today we had a lovely little burst of cool weather! When I checked the temperature at 1:00 this afternoon it was only 70 degrees. This is Florida, in April, where it should easily have been 85 degrees today. It has been lovely, and tomorrow we are in for more cool weather before the highs start creeping back up toward 90. The only thing that could make this cool weather any better would be some rain. I really do love it when it rains. 

I am having dinner with a friend Wednesday night who is about to have her third baby (and by about to, I mean if she had to cancel dinner because she went into labor I wouldn't even be surprised)! I'm exhausted just typing that sentence. Anyway, I am going to attempt to make homemade play dough for the two little ones she already has at home, I thought it might be a nice little treat for them since mommy will be gone for a few days and when she comes home she will have another baby keeping her busier than a bee for a while. I found a good recipe on Pinterest, and I think I'm going to make a different color batch for each of them. I hope they like it, I also hope they are old enough to play with play dough. It has been so long since I've worked with kids that I am starting to forget what is developmentally appropriate. The youngest of the two walks, so I think that means play dough is fine, plus it's homemade and all natural so it's not like it will hurt them if they eat it. Worst case scenario big brother gets lots of play dough, middle sister gets none and baby brother gets all the attention for being born, that's pretty much how life goes anyway, better start preparing them now. (he he he)

I also want to make a onesie for the new baby but I'm not sure if I have all of the supplies. I love making little outfits for new babies, especially because then I know it won't be a duplicate! I have no idea how well my little outfits hold up in the wash, but I figure even if they don't make it out alive more than once, they would have grown out of it soon anyway. 

I love that my friends have lots of babies, it gives me an outlet for my obsession with super cute baby things. I love babies and sometimes I am sad that we don't have any yet, but most of the time I am glad we are waiting a while. I know that whenever babies enter our lives I am going to explode from baby stuff buying excitement and Lord help Christopher, our bank account, and any sales people that I encounter, because I'm going to be nuts. 


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