Meet Lucy... she's a bitch

This is my precious dog Lucy. Isn't she cute? Don't let those big beautiful eyes fool you, she is the biggest bitch ever!

Lucy loves to play with my parent's dog Oakley, Miranda's dog Sammy, my aunt and uncle's dog Lola, and all the strange dogs at the dog park. She is even nice to those dogs, shares toys, chases them, shares water and treats, it's so cute.

A year ago she was attacked by two mean dogs at a dog park and they bit her several times, looking back I should have called animal control right away, but I was too shocked and worried about her to think of that. Anyway, she still likes going to the dog park and she is still nice to dogs there, but she almost ate my cousin's dog at Thanksgiving and today I took her to meet Kimber's dog Sadie and she almost had herself a little Sadie for lunch. Now both of these times she met the new dogs at my parents house, where she thinks she is the queen dog, so it might just be a territory thing, but it is so annoying. We want to get a second dog after we get settled into our new house and I'm starting to think we won't be able to because she  just wants to kill every new dog that comes even close to "her" space. We might need to hire a dog whisperer.... what a pain.

After Lucy almost ate Sadie, we left my parents house and took her to see the new house. We just parked on the street in front of the house and walked we along the sidewalk in front of the house and let her sniff the yard and explore the street a little. The first thing she did when we got out of the car was go right up to the front door, and when we didn't follow her she just looked at us like, "come on humans, this is how you get inside" it was adorable. We walked her down the street and around the cul-de-sac that is near our house and then let her sniff around the front year some more, she looked like she was enjoying her little sight seeing trip so that was good. I hope she is nice to the other dogs that will inevitably live near by. I don't want to be the new neighbors with the dog that doesn't shut up and tries to bite everyone. 


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