For the last couple of weeks I have not  been able to shake Monday. It keeps creeping into Tuesday, and sometimes even haunts me into Wednesday. That Monday feeling that you just don't want to get out of bed because the weekend can't possibly be over yet. The I'm just not ready to see back to back cranky students yet, where is my mimosa, feeling. It's getting bad. I am getting close to making a Christmas break countdown for my desktop. 

Today was particularly excellent... People at work weren't doing their jobs and surprise of all surprises the mortgage company didn't get back to us about the appraisal when they said they would AGAIN. 

When did people stop being professional? How in this economic slump, when companies can be as picky as they want, do unprofessional people have jobs? I think it is reasonable to say I would do well managing a business, I don't have a problem telling people hard things, I think my background working with children and whiny college students helps with that. I have been desensitized to sob stories. I am an incredibly compassionate person, but when you stop doing what you are supposed to be doing, you either change your behavior or get out. It applies in a preschool classroom, my advising office, and most definitely in the workplace. Why would you keep a person on your staff that doesn't perform their job function when you could have a buffet of candidates within 24 hours that would be more suitable. I do not handle people's bullshit well, and the world is full of it, it's no wonder people don't stop and smell the roses, they are too busy wiping shit off their shoes. 

But there is one thing Monday can't take away from me... Tuesday night TV! Glee at 8, a full hour of New Girl at 9 and Private Practice at 10! I could not be more excited! I am going to go home, make the quickest dinner ever, and watch TV until 11. I love Tuesdays because it is the only day of the week I have something fun to do while I wait for Christopher to get home from work. I don't do housework on Tuesdays (unless there is a laundry emergency or something), I don't really cook on Tuesdays, I just sit in bed with my Lucy dog and veg. It is the best! Fridays are nice and all but thank God it's Tuesday! - I don't think most of my coworkers would be that much different if they became actual zombies


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