My boyfriend

The best advice I can give to single women, is to make sure you marry someone you can be silly with. A man that makes you feel like a 16 year old girl in love for the first time.

On Friday Christopher and I went to home depot to price paint and wander around looking at stuff for our house, and the whole time we were just making silly jokes and holding hands, kissing and flirting when we were alone on an isle, it was fun. It was something so simple that it probably sounds dorky, but it was nice. It was good to just be together laughing and not worrying about all of the big huge life things that are happening right now.

When we got home we played plants v. zombies, watched Friday, and then made dinner together. You would never know we were real adults, and I like it that way. I hope we always have days of carefree fun, just like when we were middle school sweethearts. It makes me want to go make out with him behind a building or something. - I wanna do boring things with you.


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