Please take me seriously

Today we finally got our home inspection report back and the only thing that needs to be dealt with immediately is the breaker panel, which he told us during the inspection. What I wasn't expecting were all the little things that weren't working perfectly or were installed incorrectly. For example: the dishwasher isn't installed correctly, the fridge is plugged into the wrong kind of plug, the shower heads both leak, the right front burner on the stove doesn't work... seriously the stove doesn't work? Lord help us. So of course being a first time home buyer I have no idea is that kind of stuff is normal or if we are buying a piece of shit house. I mean it's all easy enough to fix, but buying a new stove is a pain in the ass and expensive. Chris and I haven't had a chance to look over the inspection report together yet so that is on the agenda for tonight. Buying a house is a pain.

We are still waiting for the appraisal report, which the mortgage company said would be ready either Friday or Monday. Today (Tuesday) I sent an email to the guy at 1:00pm, about 20 min later he forwarded my email to someone named Brittany, who is supposed to order the appraisal and assorted other bitch work, and copied me on it. It is 11:25 pm and I didn't hear anything back from anyone there. Honestly, I don't think that Brittany actually exists. She has been included in a couple of our email conversations and she has never emailed any response. The other kind of suspicious thing is that my credit card still hasn't been charged for the appraisal, which leads me to believe that our appraisal never got ordered. If I haven't heard from anyone by tomorrow at 1pm I am calling and it's not going to be a friendly "Hey, how's it going buddy" kind of phone call. We may not be buying a Winter Park mansion and we may be younger than their typical clients, but our business is still important, and I expect people to take me seriously. I am about to write the biggest check of my life and I don't want people who aren't taking me seriously getting any cut of that check.

I have been very professional in my emails to the mortgage company, I was professional in our meeting, I am professional on the phone, I don't know what more I could do to make sure that I was treated with respect. I understand working with the public is annoying, draining, and all together mostly unpleasant most days. Which is why I always wait until the day after I am supposed to hear back from people before I call or email to ask where the eff is my information/product/service is and why is it late?! All I want from people is the same level of respect I show them. If something is going to be late, let me know. A quick email that says, "Natalie, shit hit the fan and we're backed up" or "Sorry we forgot to order your appraisal and now it's going to be 3 more years" doesn't take a whole lot of time, just sayin'. - Expect an email in all caps this afternoon.

In better news, today Sonic had all day happy hour (half price drinks) in honor(?) or tax day so I got the largest Dr. Pepper on my way home and my Birchbox came in the mail today! I'll show you what was in the box tomorrow!


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