Reading Slump

Recently I have had a hard time picking up a book. I usually have my face so far into a book I can hardly find my way out. The last book I read was the Hunger Games, and that was a reread. I am on a couple of waiting lists at the library so maybe once those are available I'll be inspired to read again. 

I've had To Kill A Mockingbird on my bedside table for about a month, plus I'm still only about half way through The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but still nothing seems to be able to entice me to stop playing Plants Vs. Zombies ever free minute I have. I have become obsessed with Plants Vs. Zombies. I have it on my phone and my computer, and I have beat it at least 3 times on each. I have so many plants in my zen gardens that I keep having to sell them to make room for more, it's sad. 

I've been spending a lot more time in our bedroom than usual lately, yano to play Zombies on my laptop, because the living room is starting to feel like a warehouse. The boxes are in stacks taller than I am and you have to walk through a maze of them to get anywhere. It's not very homey here anymore. I wouldn't say I ever really felt at home in this apartment, I never nested here. I didn't ever let myself get too comfortable, and really I don't know how I could have anyway. Our stuff is jammed into every nook and cranny, under our bed, some of it is still in boxes from when we moved in because there just wasn't enough room to unpack it all.

I am looking forward to having all of my books unpacked again. I love my books and I miss seeing them everyday! I am excited to buy more bookcases to we can really organize all of the books. I think that will help my reading slump. Who can read just any old book when all of your favorite books are packed into boxes? 

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