That time of year

It's the time of year when all of my friends have another baby. Right now have three pregnant friends and about 8 or 9 pregnant acquaintances. So of course I have started looking at baby registries just to see what people like and how they are going to decorate the nursery, storing ideas for when we have kids, and then spending the rest of the evenings crying like those babies because I don't have one. I know that if and when the time is right we will have kids, but dang kid stuff gets me every time. Kid's clothes, kid's toys, cribs, bottles, teething rings. I have never gone into a babiesRus without having an "I want kids right this instant" toddler style tantrum. Maybe it's a sign that I'm not ready to be a mother, when I'll be the one pitching fits in Target, while my 2 year old tries to comfort me with toys and goldfish. Either way, I have already started my dream baby registry on Pinterest, so when I do get knocked up I'm read to go, except by then there will be new rules about what types of toys are safe for babies and if they should be sleeping on their sides/backs/tummies/standing up/hanging like a bat.

I just love babies, and toddlers, and kids, and heck even teenagers aren't always so bad. Even more than loving those tiny humans, I love their toys. I mean honestly they have the BEST stuff. Legos, dress up, swing sets, wagons, easy bake ovens, slip-n-slides, coloring books. THE BEST!

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to fun kid's snacks. It's out of control. Long story short, Christopher and I need to start getting things in order for kids to happen. If only it was that easy.

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