Turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving

In our house we make turkey several times a year. It is so simple that you don't need to save it just for Thanksgiving. It's so simple in fact that my husband usually makes our turkeys, and just to give you a reference point,  the man can't make taco meat with a store bought seasoning packet and explodes things in the microwave quite often, I'm working on teaching him some things.

I don't use fancy ingredients very often, mostly because I have a black thumb (I've killed several herb plants) and when I buy fresh herbs I never use them all and I hate wasting things, especially food. So until I get a better system for using herbs or I learn to water plants with some regularity we are stuck with the dried stuff from the store.

Super Easy Turkey


1 whole turkey
assorted spices (see step two for my favorites)
1 medium onion
1 lemon
olive oil or melted butter
1 Reynolds large oven bag

Step 1: Take the turkey out of the bag, get all the guys out (I don't use them for anything so I throw them away at this point, but that is up to you), rinse your turkey and set on a cutting board or large plate to hang out.

Step 2: Mix your spices in a small bowl. For this particular turkey I used a McCormick's Rosemary Roasted Chicken spice card, poultry seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, kosher salt and black pepper. I don't measure the spices out but I start with about 2 tbs of poultry seasoning and I just mix stuff in until it smells good.

Step 3: Coat your turkey generously in olive oil or melted butter, then spoon the seasoning all over and rub it in. Make sure not to miss any spots. 

Step 4: Cut the onion and lemon in half, stuff them in the turkey cavity. I use tongs because the cavity kind of creeps me out. 

Step 5: Prepare your oven bag in a roasting pan. Just follow the instructions on the box. 

Step 6: Bake the turkey according to the instructions for the oven bag. Usually 2-3 hours depending on the weight of your turkey.

Step 7: Get the turkey out of the oven (check the temperature using a meat thermometer just to be sure it's done) take the turkey out of the oven bag and let rest for a few minutes, while you get a platter and a carving knife out. 

Step 8: Cut that beautiful bird up and enjoy. 

I would say over all hands on time will be about 30 - 40 minutes depending on how long it takes to get your spice mix just right and how quickly you cut the meat off the bones. I usually take about 20-25 to prep the bird and about 10 to carve. While it bakes you don't have to mess with it. That is the best part about the oven bags, no basting, no messing with cheesecloth or foil, just smelling the delicious scent of turkey and salivating, counting down the minutes until you can take a bite. 


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