A beautiful brunch and a bit of bad news

This morning Christopher and I went to one of our favorite breakfast places for brunch. His sister and her wife were in town so we did the decent thing and agreed to have brunch while they were here. Of course, we were almost 30 minutes late to brunch because our current life schedule doesn't usually include hours before noon. Anyway, we get to brunch we are chatting, we told them about our house, obviously we aren't close in case you haven't been around for all of that drama, and then they dropped the bomb on us... they have moved back to town. The same sister who wants nothing to do with her parents, got married and waited a year to tell us, told us she moved to Canada when really she moved to Massachusetts, and only has burner phones like a coke dealer because she burns so many bridges she can never keep track of how many enemies have her number, or something like that.

Honestly, if I didn't love that places fried potatoes and pancakes so much it would have made my day much worse, so thank God for delicious breakfast. Now we have to decide how to tell my in-laws that they are back, which of course we aren't supposed to tell them anything because the sister is nuts, but how can I let my poor broken hearted in-laws go to IKEA or the outlet mall and see her across the parking lot and not have told them. They will be devastated, even more than they already are. I hate family drama, why did I marry into a family that is crazy?

One good thing about them being back is that she is a very skilled tree huger, and our yard is a wreck.... silver lining, I'm working on being more positive.


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