The best is yet to come

Today is Christopher and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. I literally feel like we got married about six months ago. It just doesn't seem like it's been 3 years already, but I am glad it has been. The first year we were married was miserable. The second year was better, but not great. This year has been the best so far and just in time for our anniversary we moved into our first house.

I am proud of the couple we are and how much closer together we've grown over the last 3 years. Christopher is my favorite person. I am still obsessed with him after 14 years, and if I could spend all day every day with him I totally would. I don't even like that we have separate offices in our new house, but we each have so much stuff there was no way we could share an office and have everything in there.

I am so excited to be starting this next year of our marriage in our own house! It still doesn't even feel real, it's almost like we are house sitting but with all of our own stuff. We keep commenting on the house like, "oh man, they have such nice... (insert something here)", then we remember it's ours.

I am so bad at taking pictures, but I will try and snap a few so that I can post about our house some more this week and next!

Us on our wedding day (5/16/09)

Us in front of our new house (5/10/12)


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