Final countdown

We are moving into our house in FIVE days!

We still don't have our closing appointment set, we just know the day, so it still doesn't feel real. I figure since I don't have anything new to say I'll go ahead and share some pictures of the house and a few details about the projects we have planned.

This is the entry way, we will repaint the whole house eventually, and we still haven't decided what kind of  entry table we want or what to put on the walls, but I think we will get a cool old coat rack because they are really fun.

This is the kitchen, it needs help. We plan on replacing the cabinets, counter tops, flooring, fridge, and painting the walls. Basically I don't care for it at all. I haven't decided how I feel about the light fixture. We'll see. It's going to be a while before we get to this project because it's a pretty pricey one.

 We also have a pretty decent size pantry! I might rearrange the shelves and I plan to put pretty shelf liners on all the shelves and maybe paint the wall in the back of the pantry a fun bright color to match the shelf liners.

This is our laundry room. It's kind of a wide, shallow (or narrow, long) space and the washer and dryer are separated by the door to the garage so that is awkward. I am planning to paint the laundry room turquoise and we plan on replacing  the door leading out to the garage with one that doesn't have a window. I am excited to have an indoor laundry room though. A lot of the houses we looked at had the laundry in the garage, which in Florida is a mess, if you leave your clothes wet in the washer for 15 minutes without switching them to the dryer they mold. 

This is our master bedroom. The window is annoying because it isn't even close to being centered on the wall and it is the only window in the room. We still don't know where we are putting the furniture, but we are going to paint the walls light grey (Glidden Pebble grey).

We also have a walk in closet! Thank goodness, we have so much stuff! It's just too bad this room doesn't have a shoe closet, because that's what we really need. 

We have a small bathroom, but it's definitely workable. We plan to paint the bathroom a little darker grey (Glidden seal grey) than our bedroom and replace the Mirrors with mirrored medicine cabinets for a little more storage, possibly the flooring and definitely the tile in the shower. 

This room is going to be Christopher's office and we plan to paint it white and tangerine stripes. 

This room is going to be my office, and I plan to paint it light pink. I am also going to try  fitting a day bed or two in here so I have a place for people to sit if we want to hang out in my office, or for people to sleep if we want to have guests. I want to try and build white bed frames and use navy bedding, because light pink and navy are super cute together. 

This is our little patio. We have some patio furniture picked out at Target and hopefully we will get around to getting a grill this weekend so we can start grilling right away. I love grilled food. 

This is our garage, I can't wait to be able to park my car in a garage so that when it's 100 degrees outside my car can stay in the shade! I'm assuming the previous owners are taking the shelves so we will probably get something similar, and we need to get Christopher a tool chest. 

Well that's the house tour for now. As we update stuff and move in I will post pictures. 


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